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ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®


At the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® it’s about more than running – it’s about solidarity, courage, recognition and about setting goals. Together we can achieve them! Join us and make a strong statement for women and girls!

“Running made me brave and strong. And this is what I want for all women and girls out there!” Ilse Dippmann, founder and organiser of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run®

Why run with us?

Mädchen, Laufen, Frauenlauf

Running gets you further – no matter in which part of your life. But it doesn’t have to be about performance all the time, it is about more than that. Get inspired and make a strong statement – with and for women. “The future is female” – and the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® is a part of this future!


ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® 2021

Frauen, Frauenlauf, Jubel

Are you ready for a new challenge? Run with us at the 33rd ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® on 3 October 2021 in the Prater, Vienna. Everyone is welcome - regardless of age, origin or fitness. You can find all the information about online-registration, race number pick-up, program and condition of your participation here.


The ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® in 2019

Frauenlauf, Start, Laufen, Frauen
Läuferinnen mit gehobenen Armen

Over 30,000 runners from more than 90 nations made the 32nd ASICS Austrian Women’s Run® 2019 with the motto “enjoy the journey” into an unforgettable running experience with the unique women’s run spirit. This was the event in 2019!